You are most likely going to be packing your stuff yourself and to do it smoothly without any stress you need to learn how to be a professional in it.

You need to know that it is not that hard, but at the same time, it is not that easy.

However, it can become a lot easier when:

You have sufficient time; say like up to four weeks.

You don't have any special items like a pool table or piano

You've packed and moved before, so the experience is there

You have friends that can assist

These are some of the things you will need to do as a professional:

Maintain some simple safety packing rules

Use demonstrated packing methods and

Have a timeline for your packing

Professionals Go For Quality Packing Supplies

The significance of getting good packing materials cannot be overemphasized.

A professional should always have the best packing supplies that can be found in the market and should also have it in surplus irrespective of the house size and item volume.

For securing fragile stuff, materials like soft paper pack and bubble wrap would suffice.

But for the packing material, most of your money will be spent on a lot of strong and ideal cardboard box.

The Timeline for Packing

When packing stuff at home, professionals make the best of their time sticking to a calendar which they have pre-planned.

They know when and where to start, and when and where to finish.

Professionals Hardly Make Mistakes When Packing

A lot of this is because they are trained and have a prior experience.

You can emulate them and avoid making mistakes too.

There are some mistakes that will not be noticed when you forget to twice tape the box sides for more safety, which might not be a costly error.

There are other mistakes that can be very pricey like not remembering to use bubble wrap for your breakable stuff.

Now let's look at different kinds of stuff at your home and how you can pack them.

The Packing Box

The bottom of a cardboard box should be taped twice for good use.

The tape has to be of good quality.

For Your Shoes

Arrange them in pairs and clean them well.

To maintain their shape you can stuff them with paper or stockings.

If you still have their box, use it.

For Your Jewelry

Keep it to yourself all the time.

Use a jewellery box for them.

You can also use bubble wrap and soft paper pack for them.

Do not let earrings and chains get hooked or tangled together.

For Your Dishes

Use a dish box or a cardboard box with strong walls to pack them.

You should also use bubble wraps and paper packs.

Treat them with caution.

When you arrange them they should stand on the edge.

They should have the 'fragile and handle with care' label.

For Your Glasses

A minimum double sheet of paper packs should be used to wrap the glass with tape to hold it.

Most breakages happen at the glass stems so you need to use bubble wraps to protect it.

It should also be labelled as a fragile item.

For Your Paintings

Use cardboard sheets to cover the frame.

With enormous paper packs or bubble wrap, the paintings can be wrapped.

You can also use specific paint boxes.

For Your Electronics

To fully protect them you have to use the real package that came along with it as it was bought.

You can also make use of strong and good cardboard box that comes in relative sizes while making the most of the bubble wrap particularly the type that is not static.

Have an image of your wired equipment prior unplugging the cables.

The accessories should also be in one place so that after you move connecting it back won't be a problem.

For Your Books

Before you pack you should arrange your collection of books.

You don't necessarily have to take all your books.

When you put books together they can be very heavy so it might be better to use the smaller boxes for them.

To pack and move those books, your best solution will be to utilize a wheel transportable bag.

To save yourself from distress, do not overfill cardboard boxes with books especially when the weight will then be over 40 lbs.

To also save yourself from damaging your books it is better not to pack them in a box with their backs in front of you.

For Your Furniture

For those huge and weighty furniture pieces, it is better for you to leave the packing to the pros.

There are a lot of affordable Packing House Services when moving - head to QShark-MOVING and they will help you out with what you need.

To be able to move big furniture pieces from one home to another, it might be better if they are first taken apart.

To do this you will need that professional help especially when you look at the size and heftiness.

To best protect your valuable furniture you can make use of specific furniture blankets that have been proven to work.

If you don't know where to get them from you can ask the movers in your locality, otherwise, utilize any other blanket you can find.